Storing your Boat – Quick Tips!

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A great benefit about living in Florida is access to the beach and the opportunity to enjoy plenty of water sports and even boating. For those who own a boat, however, it’s not always fun trying to figure out where you’re going to store it and exactly how you should prepare the boat for storage. Hopefully, these quick tips will make things a little easier for you.

The size of the boat and of course the owner’s manual with instructions will determine how the boat should be stored.

Boat Storage
There is always one consistent rule when storing just about anything, you should always ensure it’s nice and clean. Remove as much gear from the boat as possible. Empty the icebox and remove food that could attract insects or rodents. Air out the cushions or any pillows you might have and wash the blankets and linens if you have those. With all that gear out of the cabin, give the boat a good scrubbing from front to back. In the process, be sure to wipe out the lockers and drawers. You should clean your bilge as well.

Next you should refill your tanks and stabilize your fuel. Change your engine oil and replace all the filters. Check the coolant in closed cooling systems for the proper degree of protection. Check the hoses, belts and clamps. Clean and disconnect the batteries. You should completely drain your fresh water tanks and water heater. It’s also highly recommended that you add non-toxic antifreeze directly to your water tank and pump it directly through your hot and cold plumbing.

Covering the boat while its being stored is a good idea; you should also provide structural support under boat covers and tarps. Finally, deciding where you store your boat is important. A gated facility is always best. Self-storage properties will oftentimes have both indoor and outdoor storage options. For more detailed information about storing your boat visit:

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